Career crisis?

 Is your career in crisis?

Is a particular manager is making your life difficult?

Are you being re-located to a different place?

Has your company been taken over?

Are you having to apply for your own job?

Are you feeling stressed out and unable to cope?

Crises don’t come in any particular shape or form, viagra 60mg what they do is make you feel that you can’t cope, pharm don’t want to be here any more. You may be tempted to walk away from a job or a profession that you used to enjoy. Getting some support from someone outside the problem and outside the organisation can help you get a sense of perspective on the issue. Through coaching you may find strategies for surviving and thriving or you may decide that this place is not for you.

The coach’s role is to be a confidential and independent sounding board, to challenge your assumptions and support you to develop strategies to get things back on an even keel. With years of HR experience, training experience and coaching, Mary is able to provide a calm and safe space to explore your options and responses.


“Mary’s expertise was used to help prepare 16 Heads of Service for a series of tasks for a major management restructure which would result in some promotions but also, some redundancies.  Her clear and calm manner, along with her undoubted expertise put all my staff at ease and gave them the confidence to deal with the tasks thoroughly prepared and motivated to do well.  Regardless of the outcome of the restructure, I know, and they do too now, what they are capable of, as the coaching sessions gave them all the tools in their toolbox to enable them to complete the task”. Nigel Lynn CEO Arun District Council