There is a new dilemma for many people today just when should I retire? With the removal of a compulsory retirement age, the choice is now in the hands of an individual. You may have your hand forced by redundancy, caring responsibilities or your own ill health OR you may just find yourself going.. is now the time? can I? can I afford to? what will I do with my time? will I hate it? do I like work enough to keep on working? should I do something different?

I find it is a dilemma taxing my contemporaries and one in which a coach can really help.

A coach is independent – has no vested interest in what you do- unlike a friend who may just want you to validate their decision by doing the same thing…unlike a relative who may want more of your time or to ensure you keep on generating income.

A coach helps you explore something from all angles.

A coach helps you understand and evaluate your fears and reservations.

A coach will help you to generate options and find win-win solutions – to see new horizons and possibilities,

A coach will help  find what it is that in your heart of hearts you really want to do..

Mary has been coaching people facing these dilemmas since she started the business. She has written a book ‘How to find meaning in life without pay’ and is herself  where all those questions apply. Call her now for support to make that big decision the right one  for you!