Do you get the interview but not the job?

I have been helping people improve their interview skills for over ten years.

Initially as a head hunter but now as a full time career coach, delivering interview coaching.

During that time I have read hundreds of books and articles about interview success,  I have sat on hundreds if not thousands of interviews and interview panels.

I have written numerous articles on how to deliver a strong interview performance.

  • I have developed a model call ‘the golden triangle of interview success’ which tells you just how to prepare for interviews.
  • I have worked out what the most effective way is of responding to those trixy questions about strengths and weaknesses.
  • I have a superb model for answering the most important  interview question.
  • I can teach you the tricks of building rapport.
  • I can train you to present with gravitas.
  • I can advise you on what to wear,  how to sit and what to do with your hands.
  • I can anticipate what you might be asked.
  • I can offer you a ‘mock’ interview with a stranger (to you) to help you really rehearse.

I can build your confidence in presenting in interviews, you will feel confident because you know what you are doing. You will feel confident because we will examine those feelings and  thoughts that are holding you back.

Strengthen your chances of landing that new job.. call today!