Intensive Immediate New Job Success

Working one to one with Mary Hope you will over the course of the package develop the essential elements of finding a new role – one that will get you paid more and get you on the road to career success.

In mentoring and coaching, tadalafil  this package is aimed at those who have already found a role they want to apply for but recognise that they need some support and fine-tuning of their skills in order to land this job in a very competitive market.

This package will work with you to support you in the application and selection processes.

I will work at the pace that you need to get the best results out of the programme – whatever that may be.

You will get 7 day availability by email and mentoring sessions by appointment.

This is about being the best you can be to land a role you have already identified.

It is also especially suitable for those who are in a situation where they have to apply for their own job.

The sessions will be tailored according to the selection process you have to go through:

  • Skills analysis, what you offer the employer
  • CV development – understanding your sector’s application process
  • Interview preparation
  • Interview skills and techniques – having style, gravitas and convincing your audience
  • Presentation skills
  • Psychometric testing and assessment centres.
  • Building the confidence you need to shine on the day

“Many thanks for your time, particularly given the short notice, this afternoon. It was really helpful in giving me a clearer focus of where I need to spend more time in my interview prep in future. I will reflect on our discussion and hope to be able put the words into action at interview in the not too distant future; I would anticipate speaking again before then. Thanks again” Helen -Kingston