10 reasons that chocolate is good for you!!

This flavoursome treat seems to play a really important  role in our lives. On their voyages into space, viagra approved every American and Russian mission has included chocolate bars. It seems we just can’t do wchocolateithout them! Women crave chocolate more than men

A study which took place at Indiana University has found that cyclists who drank chocolate milk after an intense workout scored higher on endurance tests and experienced less fatigue than cyclists who drank sports energy drinks. This all just keeps getting better and better. So here are ten science based facts on why it is so good for you.. but only the dark stuff.. not milk, galaxy or white, just the stuff that really is high in cocoa………………

Lowers your blood pressure. The flavanols in it, they make you produce nitrous oxide which opens up the blood vessels

Less chance of liver damage.  Dark chocolate is high in flavanols, which lower your blood pressure  and open up the blood vessels and lessens youths chances of getting liver disease.

Boosts good cholesterol  Polyphenals found in cocoa boost the good cholesterol.. which needs to be higher than the bad..

Keeps your heart healthy and  lessens your chances of having heart disease because of the lower blood pressure and opening up of blood vessels

Makes you feel good by releasing serotonin and endorphins so you feel good

Boosts your brain power. In a Norwegian research project  eating chocolate improved the cognitive ability in people aged 70-74 (so rather than wait til you re 70 go for it now!) And slows the progression  of dementia. ( as does exercise but that’s a different article)

Keeps you slim– those who do eat chocolate are slimmer (really? But does it? As my son would say)-apparently so…

Makes you a genius. The Swiss eat lots of chocolate and have more Nobel  laureates  than any other country….

Renovates your blood vessels, makes your arteries more flexible and reduces the stickiness of white cells.

Protects your skin, some compounds in chocolate protects your skin form the sun.. eaters take longer to go red in the sun


Thank goodness Easter is almost upon us! Happy Chocfest! I suspect that all this dark chocolate must be taken in moderation the studies that this draws on  are about 20g per day.. max 70g.. so don’t over indulge.