Caoch needs coaching!

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Some of you will know that I have been treading the boards in the village panto; as Roberta, for sale  the  Robber Chief’s daughter. Clad in leopard skin mini dress, prescription sporting a bright orange wig and an accent that Bianca from Eastenders would be proud of!
All was fine until I was asked to sing. Now I have sung in panto before and it’s not been a problem but this time was different. The first time I opened my mouth it was off key.. and so it continued. My fear of the song increased and my performance deteriorated! Kept behind to practice, several times,  I downloaded the song  from YouTube, sang in the car, the shower etc but on stage it just got worse!
Just like work in the real world, performance is equal to potential minus the impact of the negative beliefs. And boy were my negative beliefs kicking in… ‘I can’t sing’ I wailed! And as I thought, so it became.
Performance coaching operates on two levels, it helps you identify the variables that influence performance and supports people to manage those variables better. And it looks to unpick the limiting beliefs that stop people from meeting their potential.
This is what I do when I am coaching people to improve their career chances; help them identify what practical skills they need to increase their success and help them build the beliefs that will enable them to succeed.
And the song, well I identified lots of reasons (variables) why I found this so challenging, practiced lots of times and switched off the fear of failure. And it worked .. after a fashion I doubt I’ll be asked to sing a solo any time soon!

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