The Career Manager’s Health Check

Are you a career manager or a career bumbler?

Are you managing your career well? Do you know what you want from your career and how to get it? Do you feel confused and unsure how to plan any sort of career in this modern world? It is possible to plan a career, this site in fact it is essential to plan your career, what other journey would you not plan? If you want to manage your career well then you need to develop the skills and tools to do so.
Take my career manager’s health check questionnaire and see how you are doing…..
Score yourself between 10 and O depending on how well the descriptor reflects your current level of competence and confidence:
Score 10 if you feel really confident that you have all the information you need and can confidently say yes to the question
Score 0 if you have never thought about this aspect of your career and need to get started quickly.

Attributes of the successful career manager

1. I understand what my values and drivers are, I know motivates me and what I am looking for in my career
2. I know what my transferrable skills are and in which jobs, sectors or careers I can use them in
3. I know what my constraints are; what sort of money I need, location and working patterns I would consider even when I am six months along the desperation curve.
4. I know what sort of culture I thrive in; I know what size and type of organisation will fit my goals and temperament.
5. I have developed a clear career goal and know what I want to achieve in my career.
6. I have a plan to develop all the new skills and experiences that I need to achieve my career goals.
7. I continually monitor what is happening in my target organisations or across the sector so I know where the opportunities are
8. I have developed new skills/extended my experience in the last twelve months that make me more attractive to employers
9. I pro-actively manage my image and reputation within the organisation and across the sector
10. I understand how pay rises and promotions are achieved in my organisation and am positioning myself to be a recipient
11. I have an excellent understanding of how to quickly market myself to take advantage of new opportunities that might arise
12. I have all the information and skills to negotiate myself an excellent package in my any new role.

How many did you score?

If you had to weight some of these as more important than others what would you choose?
How did you score on those priority items?
Where shall we start?


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