The Career Manager

Are you not sure where your career is going?

Are you at a career cross roads?

Are you out of work and wondering what to do next?

Do you have a career goal?

Are you wondering if you have all the skills to be successful?

Do you know what success would mean for you?


I am a career coach and I offer a programme that is designed for those who want to make strategic decisions and plan their careers,  there is a list of what’s on offer, but you decide what you need and want. And you can change as you go along.

Over the course of the journey, you will work intensively with Mary on the issues that you need to develop a really successful, fast-paced career.

This programme is ideal for those who are facing a crossroads in their career – especially those who are thinking of changing career or sectors, are facing redundancy or going through a period of re-assessment.

It is only suitable for those who are ready to challenge themselves and to dedicate time and energy to developing their knowledge of themselves and of their career options.

If you are serious about your career but need someone else to challenge your assumptions and hold you to account for your progress, then this will give you the clarity and focus you need.

As well as regular mentoring/coaching sessions, and ‘homework’ exercises, you will receive unlimited email access to help you…

  • Understand your goals, values and drivers – what will success mean for you?
  • Explore your career options and how to research them
  • Develop your criteria for assessing your options
  • Understand your constraints
  • Skills analysis: what you offer the employer, detailed skills, knowledge and experience analysis and psychometric assessment
  • Make critical decisions with confidence and conviction
  • CV development – understanding your sector’s application process, in depth support to create a CV for your target audience and understanding how to present covering letters and/or supporting statements
  • Finding and being found – working on your job search strategy, developing your networking skills and working with recruitment agencies
  • Interview techniques and preparation
  • Build confidence and sustain the pace in the job search
  • Preparing for your first 100 days in a new organisationThis flexible programme will enable you to hone the skills that you need to develop and promote your career within your organisation. The programme may focus on eliminating the barriers to your success: poor use of time, lack of confidence, lack of influencing skill, all tailored to your personal needs. This programme will focus on developing leadership skills, strategic influencing skills and your ability to successfully navigate company politics.