Redundancy Coaching

Are you losing your job?

Leaving any organisation can be a difficult period of disengagement and disorientation.  Leaving an organisation today and entering an exceptionally tough labour market, when you know you need /want to work is particularly challenging. People who leave their organisations by mutual agreement or who resign or who are made redundant need time and space to reflect and process what has happened. They need support to learn, let go and move on. They may need their confidence re-building and a coach to help them plan a new or different approach to their work. They need to learn the skills of job search, application and interview. People benefit from outplacement on both an emotional and practical level. It is really critical to get support if you have not applied for a job for a while – things have changed and it’s tough out there!

Redundancy coaching will help you overcome the key challenges facing anyone entering the job market:

  • Moving on
  • Having a goal
  • Finding opportunities
  • Strong applications
  • Strong interviews
  • Looking the part
  • Sounding the part
  • Testing well
  • Maintaining momentum
  • Developing confidence
  • Re-entering the world of work

A coach is the person who gives you the tough love and keeps you going with your job search, who gives you feedback on your applications and who rehearses you for your interviews. And stops you feeling alone.


Accolades for Mary Hope Career Success Outplacement (redundancy) Coaching:

‘The first real step someone facing redundancy needs to do is accept that the chances of re-entering the labour market are greatly enhanced if you get professional, focussed emotionally intelligent and bespoke coaching. Mary has all of these qualities in abundance and the most important value she demonstrates is to draw out the expertise you have within you. I felt really supported with the highly supportive yet professional approach which Mary specialises in. The coaching sessions which I had with Mary were both discursive and action based so that I felt I had the best of both worlds in a coaching situation.
Mary showed me how to capture my professional achievements, develop a productive and meaningful CV and gave me invaluable interview technique advice. The outcome from this support gave me the empowerment and confidence to apply for new positions and it wasn’t long before I was offered a new job. I particularly drew strength from her high quality analytical and diagnostic approach which gave me the direction and self awareness needed to apply for new positions and as a result I highly commend her.Sam Eastop  LB Greenwich 2012