If your resolution is to get out more….

If you need to develop your confidence as a networker…

 Are you a networking virgin?

Do you loath the thought of it?

Are you keen to start but not sure how?

What is networking?

How do successful networkers do it?

Is it critical to career success?

Are you just wishing you did not have to?


If you are asking those questions but don’t have the answers then this workshop is for you!

22 January, there Central London, afternoon and at a bargain price.

By the end of the session you will have a strategy which will be comfortable to you, you will have

  • developed your own unique approach to extending your network- not everyone subscribes to the philosophy of ‘Never Eat Alone’  – work out what will work for you
  • planned your strategy on how to extend your contact list – the more ‘weak ties’ you have the better your chances of finding the information or opportunities you want
  • developed and practised your elevator pitch – in other words know what it is you want others to know and how to say it
  • learned how to change your mindset, what’s holding you back? how can you develop a positive mindset towards this strategy?
  • integrated social media into your strategy- does one have to tweet? blog? poke? put oneself onto the www?

Come and learn these techniques and find new confidence in your strategy.

A special half day workshop for networking innocents or the reluctant networker. Only  £125 or if you are already a member of the community and receive the newsletter – £99   contact me on