21 Habits that hold you back from the top.

  1.  Winning too much – at all costs
  2. Adding too much value – desire to add two cents to every discussion but you may improve the content by 5% but you reduce my commitment to executing it by 50%- you’ve taken away my ownership of the idea.
  3. Passing judgement- insidious way of pushing people away and holding ourselves back from greater success
  4. Making destructive comments- sarcasm /witty/cutting clever remarks
  5. Starting everything with no/but/however
  6. Telling everyone how smart we are
  7. Speaking when angry – once you get a reputation for motional volatility you are branded for life- we have a special place in our minds for chronically angry colleagues
  8. Negativity – let me explain why it wont work
  9. Withholding  information
  10. Failing to give proper recognition- gratitude is a skill we can never display too often- it is not a limited resource nor is it costly; we breath it in but forget to exhale
  11. Claiming credit you don’t deserve
  12. Making excuses

    The famous

    The famous “The Buck Stops Here” sign from President Harry Truman’s desk. The reverse of the sign says “I’m From Missouri”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  13. Clinging to the past
  14. Playing favourites
  15. Refusing to express regret
  16. Not listening
  17. Failing to express gratitude
  18. Punishing the messenger
  19. Passing the buck
  20. An excessive need  to be me
  21. Being obsessed with short term goalsThanks to Marshall Goldsmith and you can buy the book from Amazon
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