Do you feel a little nervous before an interview?

Do you hate the thought of selling yourself?

Are you scared that you will ‘get found out’ by the interviewer?

Are you suffering interview nerves?


As an interview coach I can help you with the most common nervous anticipation and performance in your upcoming important interview.  What I offer is more than simply interview tips. I understand that even the most competent person can suffer a little before an interview. But with help from Mary Hope Career Success you can change the way you feel. When  Mary works with coachees she takes them  through a detailed step by step way of preparing for the event and then uses this technique of creative visualisation to turbo boost their confidence. Now you can access this important and magic way of feeling better.

This generic CD will work for an interview or any important meeting or event. Play it over and over and follow the words. Each time you use it you will strengthen the feelings of confidence.

This fantastic aid to improving the way you feel before and during an interview can be yours for only £13.99! and inside you will find a code to give you further discounts off your first coaching program.

If it does not work for you.. let us know and we will refund your money..

I offer more than tips for an interview – for that important job interview but preparing for an interview, more about how to interview, how to answer interview questions and skills to help you overcome what can hold you back in all your life circumstances.

So buy now before they all go….. limited stock….

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