1. Work hard- ‘success is about the relentless pursuit of what you want’
  2. Have Confidence- confidence lies at the root of personality and people buy people, about it when it comes to choosing between two people
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    who have the same qualifications, you choose the one who has the personality you  want to work with. Confidence expresses itself as energy.

  3. Embrace ambition- don ‘t be afraid of it, successful people thrive on challenges – ambition is the simply the spark, that inner pride that drives you on to be a success and to keep being a success.
  4. Have the Courage to take a risk, take risks and make tough decisions – what is the worst that can happen attitude. Start small and risk your time not your house.
  5. Take a reality check – work out what it is you are good at, get better at it and focus your career on it.
  6. Learn to juggle- having a career and a family is about being very efficient and fast- get your work done and get home. Deal with things as they come up and move on.
  7. Plan to win- fail to plan and you plan to fail, when nothing is left to chance you create an environment of relentless energy, people know they have to deliver, what and when. Break large issues into small tasks.
  8. Know how to negotiate, be resilient, relentless and persistent until you get where you want to be – know your bottom line and stick to it. Walk away rather than do a bad deal – don’t get so emotionally committed that you can’t walk away.
  9. Grasp the bottom line-understand your company’s finances and how it makes money, have an eye for the things that will make money and train your staff to think like entrepreneurs.
  10. Communicate- good leadership is all about communication so that people know what is expected of them and be straight with them. If they are not doing what you want tell them, they need to know rewards and penalties. Do what you say.

There is so  much more to the book – please read it and learn her lessons for Success

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